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Got a lot of asks about it here on tumblr so here’s a review about Sumafo’s Haikyuu!! Phone Case!!

Here are some highlights in the video:

  • Sumafo’s phone case designs are mostly from sports anime like Haikyuu!!, Kuroko no Basuke, Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, Prince of Stride, Daiya no Ace and Prince of Tennis.

  • They do have other anime designs like Osomatsu-san, One-Punch Man, Noragami and other anime series.

  • Showing a close-up quality of the phone case.

  • They make phone case with other phone units other than iPhone and some tablet case (only for iPad’s for now).

  • How to pay for the phone case and how fast their shipment delivery is.

  • Proof of transactions from Filipino buyers and International buyers.

I hope this video help you out a bit about the phone case that I got recently. If you are interested to buy from them, you can go to @suosuke’s storenvy (for International buyers) and facebook page (for Filipino buyers). Also if you guys love anime, gaming, otaku, otome and seiyuus, I hope you guys will SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

Well it seems no one haven’t share this so I decided to share mine ^^ I bought this magazine when I was in Japan ^~^ This is the last thing that I get when I went to the counter of Tower Records in Akihabara to pay >w<

So here's the preview from BARFOUT!

Download the .rar file in mega

Please leave a comment after downloading m(_ _)m
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14 December 2014 @ 04:14 am
HIYOM! Everyone ^~^ Welcome to my humble Livejournal *O* Who wants to know more about me O.O Well this journal entry is about me so feel free to add me as long you’re also into JE, J-Pop and K-Pop ^O^

But if you aren't O_O It still okay as long we can be friends *O*
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23 May 2014 @ 12:54 am
YAY!!! But first I didn't call it unboxing since it's not a box lol o(^▽^)o Anyway The gruvia doujinshis came two days ago ^^

This is my first doujinshis that I have and it's all thanks for bldl@LJ for helping me buy these doujinshis

I'm actually thankful that I can read the hiragana and katakana but ugh the kanji (´Д` ) I seriously need to learn kanji *O*

Now, these doujinshis will be now part of my collections in my fandom cabinet hehe
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23 May 2014 @ 12:52 am
Booyah!!! Currently addicted to this handheld console with the games I have. This was a graduation gift for me that I got from my mom last Marchヾ(*´∀`*)ノ I'm kind of 'unemployed' so this is basically what I'm doing for my summer vacation σ(o'ω'o)

I also bought some accessories from yesasia cause there aren't many accessories for psvita slim here in my country ( ̄ー ̄) (except for the psvita card case and headphones)
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19 April 2014 @ 03:11 am

Hiyom! It's been a while since I last posted here *O* Like maybe for a long time so here's my post about my collections from my fandom ^^

Well... I want to show you guys my fandom cabinet. It's where I put my collections neatly.
TOP: Anime/Manga/Gaming related || BOTTOM: J-Pop/K-Pop related

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12 July 2013 @ 08:58 pm
Hey guys!! It's been a while since I post something here and I have something to post about ^^

Meet my new pet m(_ _)mCollapse )
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05 April 2013 @ 09:14 pm
Thank you for being with us this past six years!! Thank you for being a great pet to us especially me TT.TT You are always there to make me happy especially when I feel down and also when I get a lot of stress from college stuffs, you're always there to make my stress go away even when it's in the middle of the night!!

Momo I hope you will have a great life to the other side and go meet my dad and make him happy like you did for us!! You are the only pet that I got attach to and I'm happy that I had a great pet bestfriend like you ^^ I love you Momo❤❤❤

Rest In Peace Momo the flubby chubby rabbit
September 27, 2007-April 05, 2013

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Well it's been a while LJ ^^ How have you been ever since I'm gone O.O I think the reason I don't visit here in LJ because I don't write fanfics anymore even Jaechun O.O I have to admit but the only fanfic that I'm reading is Gruvia in fanfiction.net ^O^

Yes! I'm back to the anime world again where all is amazing and also J-Pop and I've been focus to ONE OK ROCK a lot especially my forever bias TORU-SAMA<3<3 Of course!! I'm still in Fairy Tail mode~ I got really hook up in this anime ever since I watched it ^~^ And also to Mashima-san's tweet when he thanked me in Twitter *O* He's now one of my inspirations being a painting student m(_ _)m

Also it's because I'm starting to make a Gray and Juvia doujinshi that I might sell it someday ^~^ I'll post the details when I'm not busy ^O^

Well I'm ju saying random stuff in here just to post something in LJ ^^ I will fix my tags now since I focus more on Johnny's, U-Kiss, ONE OK ROCK, JYJ, anime ^O^

Anyway I just want to show my new background on my iPhone ^~^ Toru is just handsome that I need to make it as my home and lock screen <3 <3

Thanks to elsiechapman for making this photo and you guys should buy her new book Dualed ^O^ It's really a great book ^^
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Hiro Mashima-san replied to me ^^ I know it's just a thank you but still he replied ^O^

Now he knows that I exist and still keep loving Fairy Tail ^O^ And it gave me a lot of motivation ^^

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